Kristina was raised in an environment overflowing with beauty, nature and supported by a family consumed by art: musicians, artists, dancers, performers and architects - all with a European and bohemian influence.  It was inevitable she would develop a passion for art and design.

"I am a visual person and think artistically; integrating color, texture design and concepts of what works to create a space that flows, creates joy and reminds my clients of what they love," says Kristina. 

After studying at the University of San Diego and majoring in International Relations and Spanish, Kristina moved to Spain where she became enthralled by the culture and style. She then traveled throughout Central and South America falling in love with their "Estilo". 

Following a career in Product Development for Gap Inc. and interior design, Kristina now focuses her talents on design but with a Latin twist. "I truly love to transform any surrounding to reflect the passion of Latin culture. I love all Latin cultures- the language, food, people, ways of life and styles. The common thread is passion and passion fuels life for all the things you love." 

Kristina takes a client's interior design vision and brings it from concept to reality with a Latin Estilo; re-envisioning a client's taste with her own personal Latin infusion. 

Viva la vida and do it with ESTILO!


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