El almuerzo del día de fiesta

"Holiday lunch"

I love the idea of a long brunch with loved ones and this holiday weekend is the perfect time to do it. This gives us no choice but to slow down with a long, leisurely meal and maybe some bubbly. 

Dinning outside is ideal for spring and here are some elegant ways to get inspired- Making Sunday or any day of the week a memorable meal. 

Bring dashing style and a little sunshine into a chic outdoor living area with pretty plates, flowers and vintage table cloths. 

pic 3outdoorspaces[1].JPG

A well placed table under bougainvillea or a beautiful trellis offers shade and color to any setting. 

Viva la vida and do it with ESTILO!


Hacienda Plates-  Anthropologie , White Platter- $96  Food52 , Nifty Napkins- $32  Anthropologie , F. Albini Stools- $395  Hunters Alley , Tablecloth- $39.90-$189  Zara Home , Cake Stand-$25  Etsy , Vases- $129 Hunters Alley, Pillow- $120  Hunters Alley,  Candel- $28  Anthropologie

Hacienda Plates- Anthropologie, White Platter- $96 Food52, Nifty Napkins- $32 Anthropologie, F. Albini Stools- $395 Hunters Alley, Tablecloth- $39.90-$189 Zara Home, Cake Stand-$25 Etsy, Vases- $129 Hunters Alley, Pillow- $120 Hunters Alley, Candel- $28 Anthropologie