La casa de Dora Maar

Dora Maar's house

Dora Maar was a French photographer, poet and painter who is well known for her tumultuous relationship with Pablo Picasso. In the Easly 1940's, Picasso bought this home for her in one of the most beautiful regions of Southern France, Mernerbes. After the relationship ended, Dora spent the rest of her life in the estate surrounded by Picasso's paintings of her. 

The house is simply breathtaking with beautiful cypress tress surrounding it. The high ceilings and artist studio make it an eclectic but elegant estate. The home still boasts of glamour but has been renovated and is now a retreat for writers, scholars and artists.

Viva la vida and do it with ESTILO!


America Martin painting:  America Martin , Antique Artist Easel:  Etsy ,   Antique Candlestick Italian Gilt:  Layla Grayce , Zentique Furniture Arley Sideboard:  Layla Grayce , Charolette Birdcage:  Price Falls , Park folding chair:  The Garden Gates , Cypress trees:  Leyland Cypress Trees  

America Martin painting: America Martin, Antique Artist Easel: Etsy,  Antique Candlestick Italian Gilt: Layla Grayce, Zentique Furniture Arley Sideboard: Layla Grayce, Charolette Birdcage: Price Falls, Park folding chair: The Garden Gates, Cypress trees: Leyland Cypress Trees