La Casa Azul- Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo

"La Casa Azul"

Frida Kahlo is revered as one of the most influential artists of the 21st century.  The acclaimed artist is as well known for her art as her tumultuous relationship with Diego Rivera which is depicted in all of her art through pain, passion and intensely bright colors. Her iconic style has had an everlasting impact on the design world and still thrives today in homes and in fashion.

La Casa Azul, Mexico City

While her house, "La Casa Azul",  was built by her father before her birth, it still sits today filled with mementos and personal treasures depicting her life with Diego and their leftist international circle of friends.

The shocking cobalt blue walls of the house represents her extreme sadness as she spent hours doing self portraits while recovering from a severe bus accident. Like Frida, the house exhibits her passion and personality.

While you may not paint your house bright blue, you can still pay tribute to Frida in your home through her bohemian baroque style and her love of roses. Here are some ways to give your space a bohemian vibe and make it relevant.

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“Hay algunos que nacen con estrella y otros estrellados, y aunque tú no lo quieras creer, yo soy de las estrelladísimas…” Frida Kahlo 

Frida with pet hawk 1940's

Frida with pet hawk 1940's

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