Haunted Houses

Los fantasmas de Marilyn Monroe y Lucille Ball

The ghosts of Marilyn Monroe and Lucille Ball

Marilyn Monroe's Spanish style home in Brentwood, CA is reportedly haunted. The single story, white stucco and red tile roofed house was built in 1929. It is, the very house in which a 36 year old Miss Monroe met her untimely end in August of 1962 due to an (alleged) drug overdose. But you have to admit, who would want to leave this perfect hacienda?... Reportedly, she is seen in the mirrors and roaming the house in the evening. The home retains many original details- including extra-thick walls, casement windows, original beamed ceilings, terra cotta tile Floors and period hardware and tiles. 

La Casa de Lucille Ball

Lucille Ball died at the age of 77 in her home on N. Roxbury Drive in Los Angeles. Since her death, she is said to remain in the home that experiences a number of bizarre haunts. Many report of unexplained broken windows, furniture and objects moving around inside the house and loud noises. Her playful personality seems to want to stay in this beautiful home, but who can blame her? 


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Casas Entradas

Haunted Houses

One of my favorite types of homes is a haunted one! There is nothing quite like the character and history in an old home and if you have no fear of the dead, they can be fun to fix up. The south has many homes known for their style and charm but there is one that is extra special...

Notorious for its ghostly haunting, is the old history Myrtles Plantation home built in 1796 in St. Franciscville, LA. Draped with Spanish moss and set in the countryside, this beautiful old estate boasts of mayhem and ghostly visits. 

in 1808, Clark Woodruff took charge of the plantation from his deceased father-in-law, general David Bradford, where he kept things running along with his wife, Sara, and three kids. Legend has it that Woodruff also took a special liking to a slave he owned named Chloe. But Chloe was immensely jealous of Woodruff's family and baked a birthday cake filled with poisonous oleander leaves. Woodruff's wife, Sara, and two of their children died. Chloe confessed, but fellow slaves retaliated, hanging Chloe and dumping her body in the Mississippi. 

Lots of other natural deaths occurred in the home, but the only other murder was when plantation owner William Winter was shot and killed in 1871 while standing on the front porch. He supposedly staggered inside, dying on the 17th step of the home. Myrtles Plantation is also reportedly built on the site of an old Indian burial ground and during the Civil War, Union soldiers ransacked the home. 

Popoular sightings of ghosts around Myrtles Plantaion include the large mirror in the home that contains the spirits of Sara Woodruff and her children, ghosts seen around the 17th step and, of course, Chloe who is outside, tending to her plantings. The house is on the National Register of Historic places and is now a bed and breakfast. *zillow


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