Un amor del pasado

"a love from the past"

I love these pictures for so many reasons. Perhaps I am inspired by the bright colors and Spanish Colonialism architecture or maybe it's just a desire to be part of the elite Cuban society of the 1950's. Although so many lives were abruptly stopped by the political change of the era, the passion of the culture remains. 

Cuba is a cultural treasure of textile and arts. The country's style balances the blend of European and Caribbean influences, reflecting a refined sensibility- old world vintage (my favorite) along with the bright, whimsical colors of the Caribbean (to me, a perfect combination). 

Part of me wishes I could have lived in Cuba (pre-Fidel era), dancing through the streets of Havana or drinking café con leche with Ernest Hemingway... Either way, it inspires me to look to our past to create our future. 

Viva la vida and do it with ESTILO!