Envejecer con gracia

"to age gracefully"

While aging may be inevitable, it's important to do it with grace and style (this goes for buildings too). Two iconic images come to mind in Santa Barbara that stand the test of time, the Santa Barbara Mission and El Paseo Restaurant. Both represent the beauty and style of our culture. 

The Santa Barbara Mission was established on the Feast of St. Barbara, December 4, 1786 by the Spanish Franciscans. It is a perfect blend of Indian, Mexican and Spanish cultures to form an amalgam of beauty and serenity. Its century old sophistication and bountiful rose gardens surrounding it make it difficult to pick the prettier view- inside vs. outside. (Hard pick!)

What better way to cleanse your sins than stopping by El Paseo Restaurant after church? The restaurant was built in 1922 as part of an 1826 adobe complex. It's my favorite stop for margaritas and to admire the Spanish Colonial architecture. A little vacation from your vacation. 

These two gems give a little glimpse of my town and ESTILO, giving us an affinity for things that are old and teaching us that old can be more beautiful than new. Cheers to that!

Viva la vida and do it with ESTILO!