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I love any shade of pink. For me, pink can be the perfect accent color to any room. It can be a wonderful backdrop color or an excellent statement piece. I like to choose pinks ranging from warm and inviting to bright and feminine. 

Here are a couple of ideas of how to incorporate pink into your home- Just in time for Valentine's Day!

pink table ideas.jpg

This picture boasts bright shades of pink, partnering bold oranges and reds to give this setting the perfect Latina touch!! VIVA ROSA

pink textiles.jpg

Adding a fun textile (you can find these at markets throughout most of Mexico) sometimes can make all the difference. 

                                     by Schuyler Samperton

                                     by Schuyler Samperton

This is a bold choice, but adding robust shades of pink with a classy room can add just the right amount of glamour. 

Viva la vida and do it with ESTILO!