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Revamp your home with these artisanal handcrafted pieces from Cuffhome’s collection.  It’s hard to chose my favorites, but here are a couple of pieces that transform any room and make the perfect addition-Me encanta!

Viva la vida and do it with Estilo!

Lutah Riggs

Lutah Riggs is one of the first female architects in Santa Barbara and has often gone unrecognized for her work. As a graduate of the Santa Barbara City College, she worked under George Washington Smith and became extremely influential in much of his design work. 

After Smith's death, Lutah started her own firm and has contributed to many homes in Santa Barbara and Montecito. Her environmental concerns and love of the natural landscape has brought a unique and specific quality to her work. 

Cheers to Lutah and her amazing contributions to Santa Barbara architecture


Viva la vida and do it with ESTILO!

Nimes Pendant : Steven Handleman Studios,  Oversize Cast Iron French Urns : Chairish,  Noir Bourbon Bench : Layla Grayce,  Chinois Pillow : Jayson Home,  Duke Candleholders : Bliss Home

Nimes Pendant: Steven Handleman Studios, Oversize Cast Iron French Urns: Chairish, Noir Bourbon Bench: Layla Grayce, Chinois Pillow: Jayson Home, Duke Candleholders: Bliss Home