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Revamp your home with these artisanal handcrafted pieces from Cuffhome’s collection.  It’s hard to chose my favorites, but here are a couple of pieces that transform any room and make the perfect addition-Me encanta!

Viva la vida and do it with Estilo!

Vamanos a Andalusia-Seville, Spain

Lets go to andalusia-Seville, Spain!

The Andalusian capital of Spain is one of my favorite Spanish destinations.  The city is just as well known for it’s Moorish royal palaces and extravagant Catholic festivals, as it is it’s amazing Flamenco dancing and delicious tapas.  Throughout the city you can find stunning examples of the Mudejar décor –an Islamic-Christian architectural hybrid style.  I not only love the décor of the town, but the passion of the people.  On my summer destination list….Viva Espana!


Viva la vida and do it with ESTILO

Cartagena Colombia

Next stop on my travel list: Cartagena Colombia. This South American town is not only becoming popular with well-known celebrities but its tropical climate and romantic setting make it an ideal vacation destination. The town is full of Spanish colonial houses and brightly colored buildings with flowering bougainvilleas. The splash of Spanish Moroccan decor along with the Caribbean vibe make this a perfect place for both new and old. Filled with amazing culture and beautiful architecture, this town is full of inspiration. Vamanos

Viva la vida and do it with ESTILO!

Aviva Pendan t: Steven Handleman Studios,  Solid Teak Wood Table : Chairish.  Kilim Pillow : One Kings Lane,  Primitive Swedish Bench : Chairish,  Sterling Colombia Candelabras : One Kings Lane,  Colombia : Barnes and Noble

Aviva Pendant: Steven Handleman Studios, Solid Teak Wood Table: Chairish. Kilim Pillow: One Kings Lane, Primitive Swedish Bench: Chairish, Sterling Colombia Candelabras: One Kings Lane, Colombia: Barnes and Noble

New year, new shelves

I hate clutter and my theory is if it doesn't have a home, I donate or recycle it. Now is the time to get organized to start the new year. Super simple shelves can spiff up your kitchen to make it look clean and chic. One shelf can add a lot and is mu facil y barato! Check out these photos for inspiración. 

Viva la vida and do it with ESTILO!

Heritage Hill Storage Jar : World Market,  Eloquence Rousseau Gilt and Storm Blue Bookcase : Layla Grayce,  Verdant Bread Bin : Anthropologie,  Glass Jars with Wood Lids : Food52,  Deckers Bookcase : Anthropologie, Weck  Asparagus Jars : Food52,  Sarah Console : One Kings Land,   Stainless Steel Canisters : Food 52,  Arley Rack : One Kings Lane

Heritage Hill Storage Jar: World Market, Eloquence Rousseau Gilt and Storm Blue Bookcase: Layla Grayce, Verdant Bread Bin: Anthropologie, Glass Jars with Wood Lids: Food52, Deckers Bookcase: Anthropologie, Weck Asparagus Jars: Food52, Sarah Console: One Kings Land,  Stainless Steel Canisters: Food 52, Arley Rack: One Kings Lane

Hombre de las cavernas


Every man should have his own space somewhere in their home or office. A man cave needs to be comfortable, masculine and stylish.  It should be a sanctuary where he can go and hang out with friends or just have some peace and quiet.  No longer does this retreat have to be in the basement, it can now be a chic part of the house!

Check out these cozy, creative spots! After looking at all of these, I decided I need one too!

Viva la vida and do it with ESTILO!